This is puls

Puls is an innovative traffic enforcement platform by Sensys Gatso,
ready to set the new standard for quality of life in the streets.



Imagine a time when traffic crashes are a thing of the past. A time where our streets are safe to walk, our cars do not deafen us and our air is crisp and clean. A happy, healthy hum of city life.

It’s time to turn that imagination into reality! Safer and healthier cities are a right that people deserve. And it starts in the domain we know best: the streets. Born out of Sensys Gatso’s desire to create safe traffic conditions and efficient movement of people and goods, Puls is a revolutionary digital platform, offering smart traffic enforcement solutions.

Puls actually puts the digital possibilities to use. An intelligent, compatible and incorruptible data analytics platform that contributes to a safer and healthier city today, providing real benefits and tangible results.



Puls is more than just a product. It’s an innovation, ready to set the new standard for quality of life in the streets.

What do we do? Puls is an elaborate software application that collects evidential data, which is utilized by government institutions for enforcement and control purposes. Puls takes inputs from camera systems and other data sources, correlates events and can apply diverse logic to detect events of interest in real-time.

With a focus on high integrity and compatibility, Puls sets forth to ensure the public that one fundamental emotion that enables all quality of life to arise: safety. 


shaping habits

Puls is all about changing behaviour. By providing warning and information, as well as strict enforcement, we shape the habits of the road user. By doing so, our system enables governments to combat and prevent crime and terrorism, ensuring the safety we desire.

Puls ensures road traffic complies with the policies and regulations set by governments. These policies are typically geared towards creating safe and sustainable traffic conditions, allowing efficient movement of goods and people while minimizing negative effects. And with Puls, implemented policies are actually complied with.



Flip through our USP animations underneath and find out what sets Puls apart. 



in 3 steps

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Step 1 Preparation

A: Assess legal framework and security policies.

B: Define user roles and workflows.

C: Schedule delivery.

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Step 2 Delivery

A: Installation. 

B: Configuration / Setup.

C: Training. 

D: Handover.


Step 3 Care

A: Evaluate the delivery and take care of open issues.

B: Monitoring of the Service Level (SLA).

C: Inform about new features and upgrades.




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